Well-rounded nerd, writer, and artist, Tessa Yvonne Morrison grew up in the misty mountains of West Virginia. Graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art: Printmaking and a minor in Japanese. She now resides in Austin, Texas where she creates artwork ranging from puppets, fiber art, glass art, prints, to illustration. She has been in exhibitions put on by Spoke Art Gallery, Bold Hype Gallery, Hero Complex Gallery, Bottleneck Gallery, Pangea Seed, POW!WOW!, and the Beyond Eden Art Bazaar. She has done work for MTVswitch.org, Crackle.comRyebreadradio.com, Cirque du Soleil, and Coldplay. Animatronic puppet wizard Rick Lazzarini even voiced an interest in working with her. In her spare time Tessa enjoys watching cult, horror, and sci-fi films and writes for StrangeKidsClub.com.

       She’s interned with local, non-profit organization, the Downtown Austin Alliance helping them launch the 4th season of DOWNTOWN, with fashion/jewelry designer Brian Crumley of CRUMLEY NewYork, with MTV music video director Cat Solen, and worked for SONY doing illustrations for webseries “Backwash” on Crackle.com.

         She would love a chance to work with the likes of Henry Selick, Neil Gaimen, Guillermo del Toro, WETA, Laika, or the Jim Henson Company someday.

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi, stumbled upon your writing(review of “Brave”) as a fellow left handed creative and fairytale, fantasy buff I had to know more. By the way I worked for Columbia Pictures a lifetime ago in the Story Dept and Post Production – Blade Runner was being filmed when I was there. Besides being a photographer I once made (still have it) a three dimensional neon Tyrannosaurs Rex. (I am on facebook as myself and as David Luftig Photographer.

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