Amazing video footage of the Guillermo Del Toro themed art show. You can see me in there a couple times very expressively gabbing with some other artists in the show. Meeting Guillermo was too cool. > <

Supernatural Plushie of Bobby Featured on SUPERNATURAL season 10 episode 5 “Fan Fiction.” review of “The Big Ass Monster Show!”
• Older article on CRUMLEY NY. Features a
jewelry line I had a hand in designing a few pieces for.
 Yay!LA Magazine’s article about the “In Dreams” Exhibit and interview with me.
article and video coverage of “In Dreams” Exhibit.
• Xombie posted a
photo of my “Aloha Sametan!” piece. write up on my “Aloha Sametan!” custom toy piece.
• Spoke Art Gallery’s video of the “4th Annual Bad Dads” art exhibit.
• Streets of Beige did an article about my textile art!
•  Xombie Dirge’s
post made my pieces for the “Arch Nemesis” Show go viral.
•’s coverage of the “Arch Nemesis” show.
• Turkish site claims my handcrafted art for “Arch Nemesis” is like nothing they have ever seen!
• Recap of “Weapon of Choice” Show at Hero Complex Gallery.
• Recap of “More Than You Imagained: Art Inspired by Premium Cable” at Bottleneck Gallery.
poster collaboration video on! There might be a few posters left.
• Cirque du Soleil collaboration poster on
• Cirque du Soleil poster for sale on
• Argot and Ochre mentions me in this article about Bad Dads II.
• Geek Art on “Quentin vs Coen.”
• Video for the “Quentin vs Coen” show in New York:
• High Fructose Magazine’s review and 2nd photo recap of “Quentin vs Coen” at Bold Hype Gallery.
• High Fructose Magazine’s blog photo recap of “Quentin vs Coen” at Bold Hype Gallery.
• High Fructose Magazine’s blog photo recap of “Quentin vs Coen” at Beyond Eden Art Fair.
• Mentioned in article on
• review and photo recap of  “Quentin vs Coen” at Beyond Eden Fair in L.A..
• Nice write-up in The Austinist about the Toy Joy Art Show.

• Illustrations for webseries BACKWASH on, features the comedy stylings of Michael Ian Black, Sarah Silverman, and Jon Hamm, just to name a few. Here is a link to the

• Artwork featured in local Austin films: “Hard Bargain“, a coming of age drama about a brother and sister, “With Child“, a hip, short film about motherhood, and the romantic comedy “The Difference Between Men and Women.”

• Made a hand-and-rod puppet for webseries “Seth Martin and Friends”, check out Kenneth the Spider’s
debut short.

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