It’s been a year.

I finally got diagnosed with ADHD. Which needed to happen so I could get treated because the past few years my coping mechanisms went out the window. My focus was shot which affected my projects and work. I also suffered from some serious depression as a side effect. The holidays last year were pretty rough.

Things are better now and going as well as they can. I recently submitted art to the first show in a long while, I think my last art show was in 2019. It’s at Guzu Gallery! Feeling really pleased with the piece I made for it and chomping at the bit to work on some more fiber art.

Anime Wonderland. At Guzu Gallery.

Just finished filming a SciFi/horror/western short film this past weekend where I got to play the creature. Which is a dream come true; being a monster in a movie. I love Doug Jones and follow his work.

Behind the scenes of HAHTINU. 11/2021

A film I worked on as a Production Designer back in March is going to play at Other Worlds Film Fest, and I am going for the first time as an attendee and not as the Outreach Director for the fest or as press. So that’s wild.

Between the Trees.

Overall, it seems I got a fair amount done given the circumstances and global pandemic. These days I also review films for “One of Us Network” podcast and guest co-host on YouTube Channel “Rage Select” reviewing and playing video games.


(This was written sometime early 2020. Oohhh sweet summer child, this is a little bittersweet to read over, but figured I’d go ahead and post this for posterity.)

Once again it has been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything on here. Last was a 2016 recap? Geeze. My life doesn’t include much free time for long-form blogging with my day job and many volunteer gigs. If you really want to keep up with my cosplay and artwork I highly recommend following my Instagram. There is also my Behance portfolio for my fiber art.

A fair amount has happened since 2016.

  • I became Outreach Director and a programmer for Other Worlds Film Festival in July of 2016. (And we pulled off and amazing virtual festival in December 2020.)
  • Now do film reviews for One of Us.Net podcast.
  • Guested on numerous podcasts about film, nerd culture, and feminism.
  • Shown art at Guzu Gallery for several of their exhibits.
  • Did several commissions. Including a frog puppet for a client that came out soooo good! Exceeded my expectations. There was also a Haku dragon fiber art bust I did as a trade with a friend.
  • Been selling my art more! Sold my Flight of the Conchords marionettes, Death’s Head Moth, and Crite Ball pieces all in the past few months. Strangely enough, if you put effort into posting and talking about your art being available for sale, it CAN sell. Weird. I was too shy in the past and felt odd about “asking” for money and saying HEY, MY THING IT’S FOR SALE. Probably a case of imposter syndrome there. Sales aren’t quite frequent enough to quit my day job, and not sure they ever will be as my process can be rather slow.
  • Picked up aerials classes again. Mostly Lyra right now, but looking to start trapeze again.
  • Going to apply to NBC’s MAKING IT again this year. I was actually asked to apply last year by their casting. They called me and everything. Didn’t get in last year, but hopefully might make the cut for season 3. (Didn’t make it that year and the show was postponed.)
  • Built props for a friends short film
  • Met Taika Wiatiti at Fantastic Fest and had a fun chat with him. That was definitely a highlight.
  • Life is pretty alright overall, mild to moderate seasonal depression aside. I’m turning 35 this year and am curious what I’ll get into for 2020. (Quarantining, cultivating a garden, and focusing on mental health.)

2016 Recap

I keep pretty busy. It’s now 2019, but here is what I was up to 3 years ago.

“This past year has been quite hectic for me. And it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post anything. So here’s a little recap on some of the nonsense I managed to get into:

– Became Outreach Director for Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival (OWA)
– Created a replica of the balloon alien from Dark Star
– Wrote an article for Strange Kids Magazine Issue #7
– Commissioned to make an Ariel Puppet
– Stage-handed for a burlesque show and 2 wrestling shows
– Modeled for a cosplay figure drawing group
– Modeled for video game company for the character design department
– Dressed as a zombie teacher with pencils impaling my arm and neck to a Walking Dead Premiere Party
– Made an original cosplay character “The Succubus Driver”
– Made an Apple from Turbo Kid costume
– Helped a friend with their booth at Waco Comic-Con
– Manned booths and attended several conventions/events to help raise awareness for Other Worlds Austin
– Placed 3rd among 119 teams in a STRANGER THINGS themed trivia night with the Blood Over Texas Crew
– Placed 4th in a FIREFLY Trivia night and won the costume contest with my Mal Reynolds
– Was on Zombie Life TV on Austin Public Access with Other Worlds Crew
– Went to my brother’s wedding in New Mexico
– Moved into a house (renting) and got a new roommate
– Tried pole dancing and burlesque classes
– Learned ax-throwing

And of course made oodles of friends and learned how much  more I could love this town. Austin is pretty baller. 2017 is already shaping up to be just as awesome, if not more so as last year, dead celebrities and politics aside of course.”

-2016/2017 Tessa.


Mermaid Puppet

This puppet was a commission for a client who wanted to give a very unique birthday gift to his wife. Super sweet, right? This guy is winning at the whole husband game.

The Little Mermaid was in my top three favorite Disney films growing up (the others being The Lion King and Aladdin). So when my client told me they wanted a mermaid puppet, I was all in.

I started cutting out the fish scales for her tail pretty early on. This project was finished back in July 2016. mermaid-puppet-01-jpgmermaid-puppet-02mermaid-puppet-eyesmermaid-puppet-scales

Cosplayn Jane

It has come to my attention these past few years that I really enjoy dressing up in costumes. October of 2014 I did what I dubbed the “Costume Challenge” where I wore a different costume every week day. If you are doing the math that is 23 different costumes! Now the stipulation was that the costumes were pulled from my pre-existing wardrobe/costumes (with the exception of the April O’Neill costume, which was rented) and props were created from supplies around the print shop I worked. So, some costumes are better than others…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Growing up my mom hand-made our costumes and she taught me how to sew. However most of my costumes are more compositions than built/sewn from scratch (why re-invent the wheel?). My favorite costume that my mother made was Demona from Gargoyles only using my action figure and the TV show as references for the pattern. She surprised me at school and came dressed as Eliza Mazda. I barely recognized her in the black wig. Best. Mom. Ever.

I’ve attended many special film screenings, premieres, festivals, art exhibits, concerts, and fundraisers in costume. Managed to win a fair amount of costume contests, including one at Guzu Gallery’s “Icons of Horror” art show with my Ash costume and was featured in Gore Noir Magazine’s coverage of the show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above are some of the highlights over the past few years. I didn’t really think of myself as a cosplayer, because I don’t use a lot of elaborate wigs or makeup. But I’ve come to embrace that title and am currently working on an official Cosplayn Jane website which will hopefully roll out in a few months. I’ve got an exciting collaboration project in talks right now, but that’ll have to wait before I can make any official announcements.

Until then, if you want to follow my costumed antics more closely, follow me here:

Instagram: tessamorrison
Facebook: Cosplayn Jane


LV-426 Art Show!

So after my Ellen Ripley puppet finished up her time at the Gallery 1988 West “30 Years Later” Exhibit, she went to Creature Features Gallery for a CHOGRIN curated ALIEN inspired art show called “LV-426.”26454862211_588713b7f2

This year is the 30th anniversary for the ALIEN franchise and April 26th was dubbed ALIEN day after the name of the clandestine planet that the team of the NOSTROMO land on, LV-426.

For this show I beefed Ripley up a bit and she now has her flamethrower. I’m just going to keep adding on things until she has the full yellow forklift mech suit. It’ll be so F’ing sweet.

Ellen Ripley Puppet for Gallery 1988

This is the second show I’ve been in at Gallery 1988! I’m pretty stoked on it. The theme this time is “30 Years Later,” an art show based upon films from 1986. It was a hard call, as there were a lot of amazing films on that list, however in the end I went with ALIENS and created an Ellen Ripley puppet. She is an adorable little badass xenomorph expert.


Titled “Who’s Snow White?” a line uttered by another badass female character, Vasquez. Little Ripley has her asymmetrical watch, sweet red and white high top Reeboks from the future, and ammunition laden suspenders. Her t-shirt was stained with tea to give her the sweat-stained battle damage look. Her hair is made of a furry yarn that has great volume and texture to it.

The art show is at Gallery 1988 WEST is March 26, 2016 on Friday from 7-10. The show is on display though April 9th. If you are in Los Angeles, hit it up! Ripley will be for sale through Gallery 1988’s store.


Gallery 1988’s Flyer for the show.

If you’re into puppets, I got some more cute commissions that will be underway here soon. So keep your eyes peeled for more felty goodness.

You can check out more of my work at https://www.behance.net/tessamorrison

“Frame That TOON!” Art Show

I’ve been fervently working on a piece for this show which opens Friday, February 26, 2016. More as things develop. I have to finish the piece by tomorrow. Tonight is going to be another all nighter…..

Well, here he is. My piece for “Fame That Toon!” is none other than the Shogun of Sorrow, AKUUUUU! Hopefully I won’t be tossed into a post-apocalyptic future where HIS EVIL IS LAW! 60+ hours of cutting, sewing, and hot gluing later I have a 4-foot tall fiber art replica of everyone’s favorite shape-shifting warlock.


Here’s more details on the show.

Pieces will eventually be for sale at the show and on their site here.


The Legend of Zelda Anniversary Art Show

My Hyrulian puppet is back out on the art show circuit, this time Link is going to Los Angeles to be in Hero Complex Gallery’s “The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Art Celebration!”

Link will be for sale on Hero Complex Gallery’s website and at the opening which is February 26, 2016, at 7:00. If you are in Los Angeles you should check out the show! I have another show the same night in Austin at Guzu Gallery. more on that to come. (Interested in commissioning me to do a custom puppet? Feel free to contact me to get a quote! Serious inquiries only please.)


Other Worlds Austin Film Festival Recap!


Other Worlds Austin is a genre film group focusing on sci-fi that hosts movie premieres throughout the year. I briefly mentioned Other Worlds Austin in my Strange Kids Club interview with the director of LISTENING. Founded by former Austin Film Festival worker, Bears Fonte in 2014, Other Worlds Austin has hosted several World, U.S, and Texas Premieres. Within the past year I’ve attended their showings of Call Girl of Cthulu, The Midnight Swim, Listening, and Uncanny. Other Worlds Austin (OWA) does a great job scouting for new, talented filmmakers and helping them to share their work with the scifi community. One of their 2014 festival films, Timelapse, is actually now available on Netflix.

Other Worlds Austin just wrapped their second annual sci-fi film festival earlier this December. It may be too late to participate this year, but you can attend or even submit your film to them next year! Purchasing a festival badge got you access to all the films and into the free sponsored 2015: A Brunch Odyssey, where you suck down mimosas and eat breakfast with the film makers, actors, and event organizers.

      Opening night’s feature BOY 7 (Dir. by Ozgur Yildirim), was a German dystopian film based on a Dutch book.  It starts with a boy waking up in the subway with no memory, a killer headache, and the police chasing him.  I can’t really go into it too much without giving it away, but I’ve heard it compared to Run Lola Run.    


BOY 7 screenshot


CUXSp6JUkAAozbQ     This year at the OWA Film Festival they awarded the “The Mary Shelley Award ” to Carrie Carre, the director/writer of Embers. During the Q & A we found out Carrie Carre really did her homework for her film about a viral outbreak that causes severe memory loss to Earth’s entire population. She did research on case studies about short-term and long-term memory loss and the parts of the brain associated with each. This post-apocalyptic film posits that taking away someone’s memories leaves them with their essence or true nature. It also touches on other side-effects, such as not being able to experience guilt due to not being able to remember what you did.


No Men Beyond This Point screenshot.

   One of my favorite films that ran this year was Mark Sawers’ No Men Beyond this Point, a mockumentary alternative history satire. Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite mockumentaries right now. It explores what would happen if women suddenly were capable of reproducing asexually (only more girls) and men became obsolete, and were even in danger of becoming extinct. While the film begins with a fair amount of exposition and history for this alternative reality, it’s really about Andrew Myers, who at age 37 is the youngest man alive on Earth.


T.I.M. screenshot

T.I.M. (The Incredible Machine) was one of the more heart-wrenching films that premiered this year at the festival. I already have a serious soft spot for self-aware robots, so T.I.M. was no exception. This moving film was introduced by the staff by asking us to think about our favorite toy as a child, and applying those feelings towards 11-year old Tibor’s rationale and fervent need to repair and save his best metal buddy. This movie was emotional and beautifully shot.


I’ve been getting a little burned out on zombie movies (blasphemy, I know!), however Night of the Living Deb helped to rekindle that love! This rom-zom-com made me laugh out loud, and Maria Thayer’s character Deb couldn’t help but remind me of Kimmy Schmidt with her red hair, great smile, awkward nature, and 90s fashion sense. She really made the film, because without her it would of just been another zombie movie.
  These were only a few of the films that played this year. Here is the complete 2015 festival line-up. And here was their line-up from the 2014 festival.


2015 OWA Festival photobooth. Things might have gotten silly.

There were Q & A’s with the directors and actors from the films, Other Worlds Austin swag (t-shirts, posters, hats, etc.), and a photo booth with props and a different green screen back drop for each day of the festival. The 2015 Other Worlds Austin Film Festival was amazing! There was laughter, tears, robots, zombies, vampires, aliens, viral outbreaks, astronauts, explosions, and space kittens. I highly recommend this festival and it’s only going to get bigger. So start making plans to check out Other Worlds Austin 2016! I know I am.