It’s been a year.

I finally got diagnosed with ADHD. Which needed to happen so I could get treated because the past few years my coping mechanisms went out the window. My focus was shot which affected my projects and work. I also suffered from some serious depression as a side effect. The holidays last year were pretty rough.

Things are better now and going as well as they can. I recently submitted art to the first show in a long while, I think my last art show was in 2019. It’s at Guzu Gallery! Feeling really pleased with the piece I made for it and chomping at the bit to work on some more fiber art.

Anime Wonderland. At Guzu Gallery.

Just finished filming a SciFi/horror/western short film this past weekend where I got to play the creature. Which is a dream come true; being a monster in a movie. I love Doug Jones and follow his work.

Behind the scenes of HAHTINU. 11/2021

A film I worked on as a Production Designer back in March is going to play at Other Worlds Film Fest, and I am going for the first time as an attendee and not as the Outreach Director for the fest or as press. So that’s wild.

Between the Trees.

Overall, it seems I got a fair amount done given the circumstances and global pandemic. These days I also review films for “One of Us Network” podcast and guest co-host on YouTube Channel “Rage Select” reviewing and playing video games.

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