(This was written sometime early 2020. Oohhh sweet summer child, this is a little bittersweet to read over, but figured I’d go ahead and post this for posterity.)

Once again it has been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything on here. Last was a 2016 recap? Geeze. My life doesn’t include much free time for long-form blogging with my day job and many volunteer gigs. If you really want to keep up with my cosplay and artwork I highly recommend following my Instagram. There is also my Behance portfolio for my fiber art.

A fair amount has happened since 2016.

  • I became Outreach Director and a programmer for Other Worlds Film Festival in July of 2016. (And we pulled off and amazing virtual festival in December 2020.)
  • Now do film reviews for One of Us.Net podcast.
  • Guested on numerous podcasts about film, nerd culture, and feminism.
  • Shown art at Guzu Gallery for several of their exhibits.
  • Did several commissions. Including a frog puppet for a client that came out soooo good! Exceeded my expectations. There was also a Haku dragon fiber art bust I did as a trade with a friend.
  • Been selling my art more! Sold my Flight of the Conchords marionettes, Death’s Head Moth, and Crite Ball pieces all in the past few months. Strangely enough, if you put effort into posting and talking about your art being available for sale, it CAN sell. Weird. I was too shy in the past and felt odd about “asking” for money and saying HEY, MY THING IT’S FOR SALE. Probably a case of imposter syndrome there. Sales aren’t quite frequent enough to quit my day job, and not sure they ever will be as my process can be rather slow.
  • Picked up aerials classes again. Mostly Lyra right now, but looking to start trapeze again.
  • Going to apply to NBC’s MAKING IT again this year. I was actually asked to apply last year by their casting. They called me and everything. Didn’t get in last year, but hopefully might make the cut for season 3. (Didn’t make it that year and the show was postponed.)
  • Built props for a friends short film
  • Met Taika Wiatiti at Fantastic Fest and had a fun chat with him. That was definitely a highlight.
  • Life is pretty alright overall, mild to moderate seasonal depression aside. I’m turning 35 this year and am curious what I’ll get into for 2020. (Quarantining, cultivating a garden, and focusing on mental health.)

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