2016 Recap

I keep pretty busy. It’s now 2019, but here is what I was up to 3 years ago.

“This past year has been quite hectic for me. And it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post anything. So here’s a little recap on some of the nonsense I managed to get into:

– Became Outreach Director for Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival (OWA)
– Created a replica of the balloon alien from Dark Star
– Wrote an article for Strange Kids Magazine Issue #7
– Commissioned to make an Ariel Puppet
– Stage-handed for a burlesque show and 2 wrestling shows
– Modeled for a cosplay figure drawing group
– Modeled for video game company for the character design department
– Dressed as a zombie teacher with pencils impaling my arm and neck to a Walking Dead Premiere Party
– Made an original cosplay character “The Succubus Driver”
– Made an Apple from Turbo Kid costume
– Helped a friend with their booth at Waco Comic-Con
– Manned booths and attended several conventions/events to help raise awareness for Other Worlds Austin
– Placed 3rd among 119 teams in a STRANGER THINGS themed trivia night with the Blood Over Texas Crew
– Placed 4th in a FIREFLY Trivia night and won the costume contest with my Mal Reynolds
– Was on Zombie Life TV on Austin Public Access with Other Worlds Crew
– Went to my brother’s wedding in New Mexico
– Moved into a house (renting) and got a new roommate
– Tried pole dancing and burlesque classes
– Learned ax-throwing

And of course made oodles of friends and learned how much  more I could love this town. Austin is pretty baller. 2017 is already shaping up to be just as awesome, if not more so as last year, dead celebrities and politics aside of course.”

-2016/2017 Tessa.


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