Leah Edwards Album Cover

Taking a break from the fused glass posts, friend and musician, Leah Edwards has commissioned me to design her album cover. Originally from Texas, I met her in Austin while we were both interns for the Downtown Austin Alliance, doing P.R. and street teaming for their 4th season of PBS/KLRU TV show “DOWNTOWN”. We were thrown into a room together to bundle up thousands of postcards for promotions, and instantly hit it off. Now she resides in Nashville, Tennessee where she is attending grad school and pursuing her musical career.

Her music is best described as Folk/Americana. I did a couple of designs for her and this seems to be the one we are going forward with:

I designed a similar font, but she ended up going with one designed by another friend of hers. I need to get their name to give them credit. This design is based on a well-known Lewis Carroll illustration of Alice.

Here is a poster design I did for Leah a few years back for her to promote her shows:

I keep saying that Leah is going to be the next Regina Spektor. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I know and she puts her all into her music. I only have tons of love for this wondrous lady.

Check her out at: http://www.myspace.com/leahmarieedwards

I think there is a video of us singing in her car while running errands for our internship. Fun times…

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